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A Lunchtime Lesson on Print Advertising

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I promise you’ll be able to finish this article before you finish
the first half of your PBJ. Are you sitting down? Good.
Because I have some startling news for you.

Print ads are here to stay. That’s right. Those dusty, musty,
fusty old relics of the century past are still with us. And
despite the ubiquity of commercials on radio and TV;
despite the onslaught of banners, pop-ups and all manner
of intrusive online ads; newspapers and magazines are,
and always will be, a mainstay forum for mainstream

There’s something about the readiness, the handiness, the
heft and feel of a magazine or a newspaper that appeals to
the nature of human beings. Yes, flat screens that glow with
vivid colors are attractive. Especially when they’re displaying
something we specifically asked to see.

But as we page through a magazine or a newspaper while
enjoying our lunch or riding a commuter train, we don’t mind
at all if a surprising or intelligent or just plain appealing ad


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