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Want to make an impact with your online business in front of thousands of people just by talking? Stop dreaming about Oprah… and start doing radio.

Did you know that American radio stations need more than 10,000 guests per day to fill their shows? Plus there are thousands internet radio shows on the Net. And, the internet’s next big thing: podcasting, is now becoming a great way to talk about your products or services. The sky’s the limit with opportunties for any online business.

Radio producers are constantly looking for compelling guests. And the key to getting their attention is to make sure that whatever you’re going to talk about is:

1) Controversial. Producers LOVE anything that gets their phone lines going. And nothing does the trick like a good argument.

2) Entertaining. If you can make people laugh and tell them fascinating stories, you’ll always be in demand as a radio guest.

3) Informative. Give people useful, timely information. Give them stuff that makes them say, ‘Wow! That’s amazing! I didn’t know that!’
Or a combination of the three.

Your first step is to come up with topic ideas that are interesting, fun, controversial, new or unusual. Make sure that your topic is appealing to the listeners. You need to focus on a problem and why you’re the solution. Don’t focus on the product or service you want to promote.

Here are the top ten most appealing subjects to help you get thinking about your topic:

1) Sex and relationships
2) Saving money
3) School violence
4) Corruption
5) Sexual harassment
6) Health and fitness
7) Hollywood & celebrities
8) Sports
9) Making money
10) Travel

Now narrow that focus down to a title that’s attractive to your target audience. For an online entrepreneur coach, you may come up with: “The No-Stress Way to Start Your Own Online Business.” For a gift basket maker, your title may be: “Get Your Partner Ready for Romance with Small Gifts.” A internet safety expert could use the title “Keeping Your Child Safe Online, Even While You’re at Work.”

Once you’ve got a great title, you need to create what I call a Hot Guest Sheet, similar to a speaker’s one-sheet, this one-page document highlights the title and outlines why you are the perfect guest for the topic. This Hot Guest Sheet should also have the following information:

1) Your credentials. If you’ve written a book, articles or even an ezine, mention it. You’re looking to show the producer you are an authority on the topic.

2) A brief bio that really sells your personality. Give information that gives people insight into who you are, not just what you do.

3) Give some idea of what the audience will learn from you. These should tease the producer, making him or her compelled to want to know more.

4) A list of other places where you’ve been interviewed previously.

5) Possible questions the interviewer can ask you.

6) Your contact info

Once you have all the information together for your Hot Guest Sheet, all you need to do is fax it to producers. But remember, just like any media outlet, each radio has a target market, or demographic, so be sure to only send your Hot Guest Sheet to producers who match your target audience. After all, if your target market is women in their 30s, your not going to want to send your sheet to a heavy metal station. Women in their 30s tend not to be headbangers, so you’d be wasting time and money sending it to that producer. Always keep in mind your target audience.

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